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Information in this database is based on data from the cited literature, adapted to the requirements and terminology of the identification key, as well as from own studies. In case of contradictions, implausible information was omitted. In case of doubt, both is mentioned with reference to the respective literature.

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Copyright notes

The author endeavors to comply with the copyright of the material used. Be fair too.

The images contain a brief reference to the author or the source. Details can be found in the reference list. A specific reference list for each species is presented at the bottom of the species pages. Iconized images in overview plates can come from different sources, the respective sources can be found in the detail information on the respective species.

Images from various sources may be variously copyrighted or licensed; for detailed information on this, follow the links provided in the reference list. In the case of images from sources that are not accessible online, you must assume that they are protected by copyright. Copyrighted images included in this database with the kind permission of their respective copyright holders may not be reused or reproduced without proper permission. For licensed images, please note the respective license conditions.

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